Private Detectives - Services

Axira Detectives offers a wide range of services, both for individuals, such as for law firms, companies, insurance companies, etc.

Whether if they are investigations aimed at obtaining valid evidence for a court in divorce proceedings, sick leave or shoplifting, or those aimed at locating relatives, heirs or property, Our extensive experience as detectives allows us to offer advice on the best way to carry out each case.

Lawyers Services

In some litigations it is necessary to use private detectives, since it is the only way to prove certain facts, therefore, the fluid collaboration between detectives and lawyers is essential. The detective's report makes the job of lawyers easier and makes in most of the cases, the judicial balance tipped in their favor.

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Families and Individuals

Request the modification or termination of alimony, problems with neighbors or tenants, infidelities, child custody and disagreements with the visiting regime ... these are some of the many cases that arrive daily at detective agencies.

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Corporate Investigations

In addition to investigations related to sick leave, there are a lot of evidences that a private detective can collect in the business world: unfair partners, counterfeit products, control of the commercial network, shoplifting ... Information in this area allows the most accurate decisions to be made on time.

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Special Services

There are investigations that require specific technical knowledge, such as those related to the study of signatures and handwriting, forensic analysis of mobiles, computers and other electronic devices, etc.

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Insurance Companies

Insurance and mutual companies are a fertile ground for those people whose goal is to defraud. Thanks to our team of private detectives and their extensive experience in this field, it is possible to unmask these actions.

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Economic Investigations

In recent years, the economic investigations have increased: companies that declare bankruptcy to avoid paying their debtors, delinquent professionals who hide their assets or investigations aimed at verifying solvency and the actual activity of a company with which you want to participate in a business, These are some of the most frequent investigations carried out by our private detective agency.

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