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Private Detectives in Madrid

Licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Private Detectives

Axira Detectives consists of a group of private detectives with extensive experience, both in matters of divorce and separation, alimony, as in business services, labor disputes, mystery shopper...

Headquartered in Madrid, we serve around the country. Outside our borders, we have a network of partners from different countries, all accredited as private detectives in accordance with its laws.

Contact us and we will study your case, giving you a personalized budget within 24 hours.

Detectives Madrid: Litigation support

Litigation support

The figure of a private detective, a witness qualified, has special relevance in the process of evidence in court proceedings.

Our services in this area are aimed, therefore, to obtain the information and evidence required for the judicial resolution of your problem, constituting our reports and an oral evidence in court and being personally ratified. See more [+]

Detectives Madrid: Corportate investigations

Corporate investigations

According to art. 20.3 of the Statute of Workers, the employer may take control and surveillance measures it deems most appropriate to verify compliance by the employee of his duties.

We provide the necessary steps to detect corporate frauds: absenteeism, unfair competition, information leaks, pre-employment reports... See more [+]

Detectives Madrid: Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

Our Mystery Shopper services are oriented to verify aspects such as the behavior of the employees of the establishment, the state of the premises or any other details relevant to our client.

The detectives access the place as a client and, without the employees become aware, perform a detailed analysis of the factors mentioned above. See more [+]

Detectives Madrid: Individuals and families

Individuals and families

Checking if your partner cheats, monitoring the anomalous behavior of your children, locating people, verifying non-payment of alimony or child custody are some of the most requested services by our clients.

We provide the means necessary for the resolution of potential problems within the family, and we can provide valuable information on time. See more [+]

Detectives Madrid: Insurance companies

Services for insurance companies

The individual frauds to insurance companies have increased dramatically in recent years, becoming in some cases even in a kind of way of life.

The observation and monitoring by private detectives are essential to discover fraud. Our goal is to provide graphic evidence that verifies the actual extent of the injury by accident or disability, and accident investigation, among others. See more [+]



Detectives Madrid: Ask for information

Axira Detectives - Private Detectives in Madrid

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