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Detectives and the alimony modification

It's very common the cases where, after a divorce, the ex-partner to whom has imposed the obligation to make payment of alimony, wants to reduce its amount using various tricks.

The picaresque is not unique to the person liable for payment of the pension, it also occurs in the case of the beneficiary of it.

Variety of cases in detective agencies

The types of cases are varied, but the examples given more frequently in detective agencies are those in which the former partner liable for payment of the pension hides his/her real incomes, claiming to be unemployed or declaring gaining less than what it is in reality.

In the other part, that of the person receiving alimony, there have been cases in which he/she also hides their work activity or the activity of one of his sons to continue receiving the pension.

The role of the private detective in the modification of measures for divorce

By observing and controlling the activities of the person investigated, the private detective can obtain sufficient evidence to determine if his/her ex-partner is making money with a job, what kind of job it is, where it is carried out, its opening and closing schedule in case he/she works in an establishment, etc. and if their remuneration could be enough to apply the reduction or termination of alimony.