Unexpensive rates.

The adjustment of our rates does not detract from the quality of the service, since we have the best professionals and the most appropriate means for each circumstance.

Clear rates.

Our rates are public, simple and clear so that our clients know beforehand and without surprises how much will it cost to hire our services.
The following graph can provide you detailed information on our prices.


- One detective 70 € per hour

- Two detectives 100 € per hour

- Daily minimum: 5 consecutive hours

- All ordinary expenses included; extraordinary expenses incurred during the investigation are not included.

- VAT (21%) not included

People Location

- In Spain from 450€+VAT (21%)

- Outside Spain from 1.000€+VAT (21%)

Trial attendance

- Trial attendance for a detective in Madrid: 280 €

Other services

For certain services such as those that economic reports are carried out abroad or those of a technical nature in which specialized personnel are required, we need to have more information to to provide you with a tighter budget.

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