Services for individuals and families

When, within the family, there is a suspicion that there is a problem, to have the knowledge of the truth is the best weapon to decide the way forward to solve it.

In Axira Detectives we will be available to design a plan of action for your particular problem. You always can count with the guaranteed confidentiality that Axira Detectives provides its customers.

Among others, we investigate matters relating to:

Infidelities More info [+]

Missing relatives More info [+]

Heir hunting More info [+]

Alimony modification: we will track the activities of your ex partner in order to obtain helpful evidence to revise alimony.More info [+]

Child custody: Evidence showing that, if one of the parents is not appropriate to take care of the children in cases of separation or divorce.More info [+]

Questionable behaviors: gambling, excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs, bad companies ...