Corporate Investigations

All companies need information to take decisions and to take them in time to overcome the difficulties and obstacles that operational risks involved. A company that invests in information, invest in the better security: prevention.

In Axira Detectives we have a team ready to help you to run your business into success. Know about the information of your customers, partners, suppliers, employees and business rivals. Protect your company against decisions taken with misinformation and expand your knowledge of executive management.

Among the most requested by our customers, we can highlight the following:

False sick leaves: we control the worker within the period of temporary disability, joint disease or accident, in order to detect fraud.

Unfair competition: we will gather evidences to proof that your employee or a competitor firm are acting in bad faith and damaging your company. More info [+]

Union delegates control: control of their activities during the union hours they have.

Commercial network: unfair conduct observation in both, sales and purchases.

Location and vehicle recovery (Leasing / Renting)