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Detectives and child custody

Does your ex-partner repeatedly violates the visitation of your children? Do you consider his/her behavior with them is not the best? Do you suspect that he/she has ingested large amounts of alcohol, or use drugs, and he/she is not afraid to drive the car being with them?

These and many other problems are common when it comes to child custody in cases of divorce and separation. The former spouse reneges on them, do not attend as he/she should or jeopardize their safety with reckless attitudes. These are some of the many cases that the private detectives have to contend.

They are very common also, those where one parent wants to show that his former partner don't spend time with their children and leave them with other relatives or domestic staff.

In these situations, the actions of the private detective is aimed at obtaining evidence on which it is shown that the parent in question is not adequate to take care of the children.

Court ratification of the report

The figure of the private detective, as qualified witness, has especially relevant evidence in judicial proceedings.

Obtaining the information and the evidence necessary for the judgment of this kind of problem, is very common in our daily lives. Our reports constitute a valuable witness evidence to be ratified by the head of the investigation at court.