Special Services

Mystery Shopper

A "Mystery Shopper" is a professional who acts as a client in any kind of property, acquiring in it a product or service, or requesting information, while dissects and evaluates various aspects.

In the few minutes that his visit lasts, the "Mystery Shopper" collects basic information, both on the interior and exterior appearance of the establishment (order, cleaning, conditioning ...) and display campaigns or current promotions, the attention given by staff, their image with the public, etc.

Mystery Shopper: Through the "Mystery Shopper" or mysterious client, a brand can get an accurate and unbiased assessment of aspects such as real personal attention given to the customer or the sales process using respect the rules introduced by company.

Mystery Calling: by an anonymous call, the professional gets to determine the quality of your call center, giving it complete data on waiting times, quality of care, treatment received, product knowledge...

Mystery Online: This tool assesses objectively, through an analysis of the web and its processes, whether buying products or services, or simply seeking information if the operation thereof is correct and matches the customer policy desired by the company.