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Private Detectives in Madrid

Licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Madrid Private Detectives

Private detectives agency in Madrid

Our detective agency operates throughout the whole territory of Spain and has partners in other countries. However, 80% of our detectives investigations take place in Madrid and its surroundings.


Detectives based in Madrid

Both our company, as our key partners, are located in Madrid.


Experienced detectives

The knowledge and experience of our private detectives in the streets of Madrid is a guarantee of success in each operation, managing to satisfy your needs and finally coming to solving your problem.


Advantages and disadvantages of Madrid

Madrid, like all major cities, offers a number of advantages and disadvantages when conducting an investigation.

Despite being a city where it is easy for a detective to go unnoticed, the difficulties in tracking in Madrid are numerous. However, our detectives are used to work with the specific problems of the city: heavy traffic, the variety of public transport, shopping areas, etc.

Our private detectives are highly trained to deal with those tasks that required to walk, use public transport, track cars, and motorcycles, etc.


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Axira Detectives - Private Detectives in Madrid

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