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Private Detectives in Madrid

Licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Can you be reported for hiring a detective?

No. Hiring a private detective to obtain certain information, or to conduct surveillance or monitoring, is totally legal and is protected by the Private Security law 5/2014. However, the order made by the client must be motivated by a legitimate cause. We only investigate people with whom our client is legitimately related, whether in economic, labor, commercial or financial well in personal, family or social, and the use that our client makes of the report must be the same that why he hired us.

Does the report of a private detective serves as evidence in court?

The final report that we give to the customer has absolute validity in Court, and it will always be ratified by the detective.

The detective is considered by the courts as a witness qualified, because he is not considered a mere witness, but a trained professional for observing and noting that a specific event occurs.

The evidence provided by private detectives are completely valid in any Court of Justice, as established by Law 23/1992 and Royal Decree 2364/1994.

How do you identify a private detective?

A detective is identified by a Professional Identification Card (TIP), issued by the Ministry of the Internal Affairs, through the Police Department. Possession of the card enables the professional to provide private investigation services. To perform those services without being licensed, can be considered an act of professional intrusion, which carries a civil penalty, and even criminal by the courts.

How does a private detective perform his work?

Depends on the request.

First, after gathering all the information available to the client, we evaluate alternatives that can be taken as appropriate.

Sometimes direct observation is required by surveillance and monitoring, while other times we conduct interviews with different people for information or perform a search for this information on the Internet.

Finally, after a thorough analysis of all the information obtained in the previous processes, we make the final report, which set out the results and conclusions.

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