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Private Detectives in Madrid

Licensed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

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Private Investigation Services

Detectives Madrid: Litigation supportDetectives Madrid: Litigation support
  • Labour disputes
  • Civil litigation
  • Family law
  • Trade research
  • Criminal law
Detectives Madrid: corporate investigationsDetectives Madrid: corporate investigations
  • Absenteeism
  • Unfair competition
  • Verification of work history
  • Recovery of vehicles (Leasing/Renting)
Detectives Madrid: special servicesDetectives Madrid: special services
Detectives Madrid: insurance companiesDetectives Madrid: insurance companies
  • Simulation of illness
  • Sick leaves
  • Negligence committed in relation with medical treatment
  • Causes and circumstances of accidents
Detectives Madrid: Economic InvestigationsDetectives Madrid: Economic Investigations
  • Debtor tracing
  • Inteligence Bussiness reports
  • Locating assets
  • Fraudulent bankrupcy
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Axira Detectives - Private Detectives in Madrid

Calle de Blasco de Garay, 13, 2º Dcha - 28015 Madrid

Phone number (+34) 693 66 11 54 · e-mail info@axiradetectives.com